Robert Wray

A U S T I N   ♦   T E X A S

Design is much more than making cool stuff. The best way to understand clients is through listening – not telling. My goal to learn and connect begins with a deep dive into aspirations, opinions, and attitudes.
Art direction. Creative direction. Street directions. I’ll serve as the liaison between marketing, creative, technical teams, and outside vendors and take your project from concept to completion.
I’ll never send off files or push a site live, send an invoice, and then disappear. In the past four years I’ve not only designed but also managed over $500,000 in marketing collateral for Rossignol.

Oh yeah. Did I mention I also put on events?

Occasionally I move from behind the screen to the front stage and put on events, fundraisers, races, and rallies.
Sounds great! Let’s chat.

Cornucopia of Creative Capabilities :

  • Graphic and Visual Design
  • Art and Creative Direction
  • Creative Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Building
  • Campaign Integration
  • Content Production
  • Social Media
  • Data-driven Solutions
  • Digital Asset Management

tbr-2-mock-upJanuary 2014, I launched!
Early 2017, TBR got a refresh!

Man, I’m lucky to have such great clients!

I’ve found a niche with lifestyle brands, but there’s not an industry, vertical, or channel I wont tackle.

Robert has a masterful way of approaching creative problems. His fresh ideas, modern designs, and humorous approach to messaging always breaks through the clutter of all the ho-hum advertising out there. Oh, and he’s wickedly funny, which makes him a joy to work with.
Kimberly Ross-Mathes, Marketing Director, Woodside Homes
Years racing bikes – regrettably, not very well.
Dollars raised for injured Texas cyclist, Nathan Aikele.
Gray hairs on Robert’s head (and increasing weekly).
Average number cups of coffee consumed per year.